Control Processing Temperature to Improve Your Mix

The LabRAM/PharmaRAM Jacketed Vessel system assembly consists of a fixed jacket, removable mixing vessel liner and lid, tubing and optional chiller / heaters. Jacketed Vessel systems bolt into place, replacing the vessel holder. One RTD temperature probe port and two vacuum line ports allow integration with other accessory systems. The system material is 316 stainless steel.

Key Processing Capabilities

  • Add temperature control to mixing and processing capabilities of RAM for
    • Solids/Powders – from nano-scale and higher
    • Liquids/Gases
    • Viscous/Slurry materials
    • Coating, Milling, Grinding Processes
  • Monitor target temperature of mixing material for improved results
  • Automate fluid circulation control to enable hands-free operation
  • Apply vacuum and temperature measurements simultaneously during mixing using on board operating controls
  • Eliminate vessel changes with multiple, same vessel capabilities of LabRAM II and PharmaRAM II

Jacketed Vessel Features

  • Temperature control from 302°F (150°C) heating to 0°F (-18°C) by customer supplied plant water or optional chiller / heater
  • Easy installation and operation with LabRAM II and PharmaRAM II pre-installed plumbing and connections
  • Equipped with RTD for temperature monitoring through mixer’s HMI
  • Removable and replaceable mixing vessel liner in various sizes
  • Equipped with two vacuum ports for optional vacuum systems
  • See LabRAM II H Vacuum for hazardous and energetic applications

Compatible RAM Mixers


  Process Requirements QTY Alt. units
Vessel Product vessel pressure 3.5 bar 50 psig
Product temperature measurement 1 port
Product vacuum/pressure relief 2 ports
Jacket Jacket cooling/heating 34°- 302° F  1° – 150°C
Jacket pressure 3.5 bar 50 psig
User Supplied Requirements
System Heating System Steam/Hot Fluid
Cooling System Chilled Fluid
Process Instrumentation and Control Gauges, valves, heat/cold header, steam trap


  Physical Specification QTY
Vessel Volume (product + headspace) 500 ml, 16 oz. 1
Face seal: lid to vessel and vessel to jacket. Viton 2
Lid ¼” Swagelok compression fittings for RTD and vacuum. 316 SS, RTD, PTFE ferrule, cable included. 1
¼” instant tube fitting for hose routing to off-board vacuum. Valve included. 2
Jacket 1/8” NPT female half couple for heat transfer media In – Out – Drain 2
Assembly Lid to jacket mount: Sanitary clamp 1
Braided SS hose to include service loop, connect outer ring to vessel. Inlet, outlet, pressure relief 3
Jacket to LabRAM mount: Dog eared flange with 1/4-20 cap screws 4


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