Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

Jake Rowen and Mark Scott of Resodyn Acoustic Mixers are featured on the most recent episode of the Composites Weekly podcast.

Host Jonathan Taylor talks with Jake and Mark about ResonantAcoustic® Mixing, or RAM Technology and its application in the manufacturing of composite materials.

The show includes a live mixing demonstration at the 10:45 second mark, sharing a LabRAM I mixing a viscous paste from corn syrup and two powders at 80g. This demonstration is performed at 80 times the force of gravity and mixes a 350,000 centipoise viscous paste in 2 minutes.

NASA’s new GRX-810 composite material is discussed at the 15:30 minute mark. NASA uses Resodyn Acoustic Mixers to coat metal alloy powders with nanoparticle ceramic oxides to create GRX-810, which has almost double the tensile strength, more than double the ductility, and 10X-2000X better creep rupture life than conventional superalloys and current 3D-printable metal parts.

In addition to aerospace, 3DPrinting, and Additive Manufacturing, other industries touched upon were pharmaceutical manufacturing and battery manufacturing.

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