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Resodyn's Dr. Mayne will be presenting “Rethinking Mixing, Reactions and Flow Processes with ResonantAcoustic® Mixing


December 7, 2023 - Resodyn’s Senior Chemical Engineer, Dr. Joe Mayne is an invited speaker for the EUROPIC Event in Lyon, France slated for December 12, 2023.  Dr. Mayne will be presenting “Rethinking Mixing, Reactions and Flow Processes with ResonantAcoustic® Mixing” at the “Can Stirred Tank be Intensified? Status Opportunities for Plant Retrofitting with Process Intensification Technologies” workshop.

The event is organized by the European Process Intensification Center (EUROPIC). EUROPIC is comprised of some of Europe’s leading companies and champions of process intensification. Members/partners include corporate leaders the likes of Fluor, Air Liquide, Corning, EASTMAN, BASF, Bayer, among others.

Dr Joe Mayne

“EUROPIC is an industry consortium dedicated to advancing process intensification through accelerating knowledge and technology transfer”, stated Dr. Mayne. “The EUROPIC facilitators recognized ResonantAcoustic® Mixing as an exciting innovation in advanced manufacturing that promises substantial process efficiency improvements. Resodyn was invited to present to the EUROPIC event to introduce the technology to their members.”

Headquartered in Butte, MT, Resodyn Acoustic Mixers, Inc. designs, manufactures, markets, sells and distributes its patented ResonantAcoustic® Mixing “RAM” technology to customers around the globe. This universal mixing technology specializes in the intricate processes involved in the manufacturing of energetics, pharmaceuticals, energy storage/batteries and numerous other advanced materials. RAM products provide rapid, bladeless mixing for any combination of powders, slurries, viscous pastes, and liquids.


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