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Pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers around the world are discovering and exploiting key performance characteristics of RAM processing that deliver

  • Exceptional improvement in RSD results
  • Thorough mixing dispersion and uniformity
  • Ultra-high process results repeatability
  • 10x or more processing speed improvement
  • Breakthrough advances in production potential
PharmaRAM I Mixing No BG


Virtually Any Material

RAM’s intense yet gentle technology processes materials of nearly any particle size or behavior. Whether cohesive, agglomerated, nano-scale, or temperature sensitive, RAM’s features can control temperatures, apply vacuum, dry or spray coat one particle on another, and effectively process any combination of powders, liquids, highly viscous or solids-loaded materials.

Single Technology Platform

The world’s top pharmaceutical firms already rely on RAM’s ability to instantly switch from one set of ingredient characteristics to another, while changing only the processing vessel and the mixing parameters. Cross-contamination, excess movement, and material handling are minimized.

Sound Energy Does the Work

RAM technology uses low-frequency sound energy to thoroughly mix particles of often vastly different characteristics. Mix times of hours are frequently reduced to minutes and previously unmixable ingredients are dispersed uniformly and thoroughly.


PharmaRAM I

500 gram capacity for repetitive and small sample processing

Simple, rapid controls allow processing of small samples on the same technology platform as LabRAM II for repetitive and precursor processes, and vacuum capability.

PharmaRAM II

1 kg capacity delivers bench-scale development capabilities

Onboard operating system with recipe development and memory, real-time parameter monitoring, 100% processing data retention, multiple operator security levels. RAM technology scales easily without additional testing from development to pilot to production scales.

RAM 5 Pharma

36 kg capacity for pilot and production scale

Allows fast and efficient scale up from bench scale equipment with a full capabilities menu of temperature monitoring and control, mixing under vacuum, recipe development and retention, real-time parameter monitoring and recording, 100% processing data retention, multiple operator security levels, and product extraction options.


Case Studies
White Papers

PCCA RAM Mixer Information and Demonstration

The PCCA RAM Mixer is demonstrated and explained at PCCA conference.


Dissimilar Powder Mixing

Dry ingredients can be difficult to thoroughly and consistently mix, particularly when the particles are of different sizes and characteristics. To illustrate effective and rapid mixing, 10 grams of fumed silica is blended with 100 grams of sand. Completed specimens exhibit no airborne fumed silica, demonstrating uniform blending at an order of magnitude difference in particle size.


Milling and Nano Coating

Coating larger particles with smaller ones is a common processing application, and milling is often a part of the same process. In this video, agglomerated carbon black particles are simultaneously milled to nano size particles that coat the plastic pellets completely in just a few seconds. The high speed video clearly illustrates the dispersion of carbon black particles, their de-agglomeration, and progressive and comprehensive coating of the plastic pellets.