Effective Particle Coating and Solvent Reduction

Designed to expand the LabRAM II capabilities, the Resodyn Spray Coating System mounts to the resonator plate of a LabRAM II, 2.2 lbs. (1,000 gram) capacity device. Spray system peristaltic or syringe pump options supply highly controlled stream of material to an ultrasonic nozzle, adding a spray coating feature to LabRAM II capabilities. Utilizing the existing ResonantAcoustic® Mixing (RAM) platform, the bed of dry ingredients is fluidized while the Spray System’s ultra-sonic nozzle creates a mist, coating particles without wetting, and LabRAM II’s vacuum system maintains an appropriately dry environment, drawing off unneeded solvents.

Key Processing Capabilities

  • Improve uniformity of coating and mix quality concurrently
  • Take advantage of RAM mixer performance to coat dry powder ingredients and reduce solvent use
  • Coats dry / powder mix ingredients in standard 16 fluid ounce mixing vessel
  • Meters a constant and precise amount of atomized liquid for consistent and homogeneous coating

Spray Coating System Features

  • Suitable for intermittent or continuous operation
  • Equipped with vacuum ports to assist drying
  • Operated with a peristaltic and / or syringe pump
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Integrates with effective and efficient RAM mixing and vacuum technology

Compatible RAM Mixers


 Item Process Requirements Quantity
Vessel and Lid Product Vacuum (Purchased Separately) Capable up to 26 in. Hg.
Acceleration Up to 35 g
Nozzle Viscosity Up to ~5,000 cP
Power Single Phase, 110-240VAC, 15A, 50/60 Hz Power
Material Liquid
Frequency 130 kHz
Mean Particle Size (Water) 12 µm
Flow Rates 0—20 mL/min