Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

RAM Workshop on 22 May at the University of Birmingham

The Program for the RAM Workshop on 22 May at the University of Birmingham, part of the  University of Birmingham Sustainability & Mechanochemistry Symposium (BSMS), from 20-22 May, 2024, is available with updates.

Register now! The Registration deadline is May 5, 2024.

Please click here for a show flier.

RAM Workshop on 22 May at the University of Birmingham

“BSMS and the Birmingham RAM Workshop will be based at the University of Birmingham Edbaston Campus. We look forward to welcoming you to Birmingham, to participate, give talks and also show your research on posters!”

​- Tomislav Friščić, Adam Michalchuk, Deborah Crawford, and Thomas Auvray

Please email or call to discuss ResonantAcoustic® (RAM) Technology as a new system for chemical and materials synthesis. RAM has major advantages for mechanochemistry compared to mechanical systems such as ball milling, including significantly reduced process times and increased conversion rates.  RAM greatly reduces or eliminates the need for solvents.

If you are not able to attend the Workshop, we can offer a visit or virtual presentation.  An on-site visit can include a live demonstration using one of our R&D units the LabRAM I.  Call or email to book a presentation or if you would like further information.

We look forward to seeing you at the Symposium and Workshop!

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