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Innovation and commitment to embrace new ideas are fundamental characteristics of successful businesses. Furthermore, many good businesses that have remained stagnant in their ways are no longer in business, or have lost their competitive edge to other businesses that have cultures that incorporate change.

This holy grail of modern commerce and production has a dark side too. True industrial advancement doesn’t just reach the known threshold of quality and functionality, it challenges the very definition of that both defines and limits it.

These conditions, as admirable as they may be, hide the manufacturing’s most dangerous claim, especially for those described above. In relying on and protecting the apparently high level of consistency, the predictability and reliability of the same procedures inexorably stagnates the improvements that created the benefit mecca in the first place.

Yes, you can bet that a lot of us have “always done it that way” and, at some point, were pretty darn proud of it, too. In mixing and processing technology, the “same way” is ubiquitous and carefully guarded. Consider new blade or prop technologies. Minute dimensional and profile changes bring cheers for marginal, single digit performance improvement – more of the same way.

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers introduced ResonantAcoustic® Mixing (RAM) technology in 2007 and told the processing world that the best mixing – dramatic, not marginal – is the effect of sound energy driven by exceptionally powerful and efficient system that operates at mechanical resonance.  Resonance’s awesome power in RAM products to mix and process from 500 grams to 920 kilograms of virtually any materials of any viscosity producing unrivaled quality levels and breakthrough results.

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How do we know? We stopped doing it the same way. Every day, a combination of materials with great promise but zero processability stuns the “same-wayers” by producing higher quality than ever experience before in less time than was thought conceivable using the RAM technology.

Our customers frequently report “credible impossibilities” like 3 hours of mixing time reduced to 10 minutes.

  • A pathogen testing equipment manufacturer stops doing things the same way, ineffectively degassing their medium with a failure and waste rate of 45%.
  • RAM mixed perfectly while simultaneously degassing material – eliminating 100% of the waste.

Credible? How about the impossible:

These companies each had formulations - not in production - never sold - produced no revenue, that had confounded developers, technicians, and engineers of all types but was mixed by RAM technology, often in just a few minutes, even seconds.

Different industries – different materials – same result using the “same way” – no product. RAM technology processed each formulation in as little as 30 seconds.

Learn about the safety of “a different” way, the success of “glad I tried it,” and the confidence of “let’s try that process with RAM.”

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