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RAM Mixing Technology

ResonantAcoustic ® Mixing (RAM) technology’s value is well-known amongst its users for dramatic increases in quality and productivity while significantly reducing processing issues and time. While directly valuable because of these short-term benefits alone, customers repeatedly report that downstream steps and other processes multiply benefits well beyond the initial investment.

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Consider selected details of this customer-authorized case study illustrating RAM technology performance:

1. Installing a RAM 5 (36 kg payload capacity) system allowed an abrasives company to completely revamp its core mixing process:

  • Slashing its ingredient addition labor costs by 97%.
  • Simplifying its processing design from 5 process steps and 53 mixing cycles to 2 steps and 3 mixing cycles.
  • Thereby multiplying its product quality while boosting its competitiveness and profitability at the same time.

2. Traditional mixing technologies required the addition of a critical ingredient in very small doses for proper processing, amounting to 375 ingredient addition steps in each batch. Installing RAM technology

  • Reduced the addition steps to 5, cutting the ingredient addition labor from 3.5 hours to 2.5 minutes.
  • Cut batch processing time from 10.5 hours to 30 minutes.

3. The large amount of “recovered” processing time greatly increased the company’s capacity, competitiveness, and profitability.

4. Resulting in payback of less than 1 year.

5. Later, that same RAM equipment rescued a separate R&D project from a “nogo” decision simply by effectively processing 100% of its key raw materials rather than wasting 30% of the material using traditional mixing technology.

Like many other RAM users, these companies realized both the immediate, dramatic improvements in processing, as well as the growing downstream value of new product success in addition to its original production improvement goal.

Hundreds of examples both large and small illustrate RAM’s value proposition to customers in dozens of industries in 30+ countries, utilizing the identical RAM technology platform that scales easily. Click here to review case study data that proves RAM’s value in several different industries and schedule a complimentary mix test of your application using your own materials to prove RAM’s effectiveness for yourself.

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