Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

Uncovering the hidden value of mixer rentals

What rental, from carpet cleaning to calibration equipment, has ever delivered the benefit of the equipment and then paid you back after you’ve gotten that benefit? Why do we even rent things in the first place?

Most people will tell you that renting is an economic choice to learn how something works and performs without laying out all the capital to buy the machine.  But, like carpet cleaners, they often learn what they already know. It might do a little better job than the vacuum cleaner you already own.

From our point of view, renting a LabRAM ResonantAcoustic® Mixing system not only gives you 30 days to work with a late model, fully inspected LabRAM I model, get installation from a Resodyn mixing expert, get process development and how-to-mix guidance focused on your materials and goals, develop dramatic improvement results, and then deduct your rental charge from the purchase of a new machine.

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While most Resodyn renters aren’t “first-nighters” when it comes to industrial equipment, they may not be familiar with the unique operation and performance of RAM products. That’s why our rental machines are personally set up in the field whenever possible or use a live, direct web platform when necessary. That means not only the on and off buttons; but the basics of RAM technology and why it matters; how to select the right mixing vessel, what g level to select; what purpose a vacuum system (included in your rental) might serve for your material mixing; and how you capture your results and make sense of them to your boss and the CAPEX committee.

Those things are actually free of charge to you. Once we help you find and refine the answers to these questions, and then refund your rental cost against the cost of your purchased machine, the value of a LabRAM rental is obvious:

  • No blades or impellers to shear, heat or, otherwise damage your materials
  • Intense yet gentle, low frequency mixing throughout the entire vessel instantly and continuously
  • Faster, better, cleaner, more productive mixing
  • Professional set-up, processing guidance
  • Recipe and Data-capture capabilities
  • Economic analyses
  • Rental charges applied to your purchase

See for yourself what the potential benefits could be for your quality, productivity, and profitability. Click here to arrange for a complimentary, live web demonstration – using your own materials. Visit to learn more about the technology, models of varying capacities, and ultra-high speed video of several different kinds of materials to illustrate RAM’s uniquely effective and rapid core technology.

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