Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

ResodynAcoustic®Mixing's history Featured in the Small Business Administration's publication, “Safe and Sound Defense: Low-Frequency, High-Intensity Acoustic Energy Makes a Broad Range of Compounds.”

The July 7, 2020 edition of the SBA's SBIR – STTR Newsletter reflects on the development and growth of Resodyn Acoustic Mixers (RAM) which was initially funded by an SBIR grant.  The Department of Defense article, “Safe and Sound Defense,” highlights the growth of Resodyn Acoustic Mixers from its inception during the program to serving dozens of industries in 30+ countries.  Focusing on a material application, the article reports a case study where, “processing can take up to 116 hours per batch.”  With RAM, the time was reduced to “10 hours.”  Today, RAM Technology is utilized in multiple government agencies and departments in addition to installations in national labs and commercial applications world-wide.

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