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New OmniRAM Mixer Introduced

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers Continues to Change How You Think About Mixing and Processing

August 23, 2017, BUTTE, MT- Resodyn Acoustic Mixers announces the release of their new pilot and production scale mixer, the OmniRAM™. This new addition to the ResonantAcoustic® Mixing (RAM) product line is designed to provide world-class RAM mixing performance while also bridging the gap between Resodyn’s LabRAM™ ll – 1 kg capacity system and the RAM™ 5 – 36 kg system. OmniRAM™ can process materials faster, better, more efficiently, and more productively with a payload capacity of up to 5 kilograms/ 11 pounds.

Since 2007, customers have trusted the core RAM technology for mixing of powders, liquids, gases, and viscous materials at higher quality and lower cost than many traditional mixing technologies. ResonantAcoustic® Mixing is a non-contact mixing system that employs low-frequency acoustic mixing at intensities up to 100g’s of acceleration without the inherent issues associated with the use of conventional, contact based mixing technologies.

The New OmniRAM™ Features Include:

  • Increased Capacity: Max capacity of 5 kilograms/11 pounds provides the flexibility to process at a test or pilot scale, as well as production levels.
  • Mixer Versatility: RAM’s universal vessel holder allows for multiple mixing vessel types. Vacuum and jacketed accessories are also available to increase processing capabilities, eliminating cross-contamination and clean-up while processing virtually any type of material.
  • Increased Security Features: RAM onboard operating system provides machine operations control, recipe development and storage, as well as multiple level, digital security and access control from operator to supervisor.

Other Optional Features:

  • Vacuum System: Separate manual or OmniRAM™ controlled automatic vacuum systems provide degassing and improved processing functions
  • Jacketed Vessel: Allows for mixing vessel temperatures from 302oF / 150oC to 34oF/1.1oC
  • Temperature Monitoring: On-board tracking of internal temperature of mixing vessel
  • Continuous Processing: the innovative Continuous Acoustic Mixing (CAM) feature breaks through the batch-based throughput barrier with non-stop powder and solids processing at the highest dispersion and uniformity levels

Hazardous and Energetic Applications

OmniRAM™ can also be configured for optional certification in Class l Div l and Div ll, Groups C – G environments, providing a specially designed and manufactured platform for hazardous and energetic materials processing.

For More Information and Product Specifics, please click here for Product Sheet Download: OmniRAM™ Product Sheet