Innovative Mixing Solutions


RAM Mixers – Versatility and Performance

RAM mixers are proven to mix a wide variety of materials. They have been shown to dramatically reduce costs by significantly shortening mixing time and eliminating the steps associated with clean-up. Because RAM mixers use ResonantAcoustic® technology for mixing, there are no impellers or mixing blades in the mixing chamber, allowing materials to be mixed in sealed containers of any size, even end-use or shipping containers. This feature greatly reduces equipment clean-up and eliminates the product transfer step resulting in minimal product waste.  High value materials can be mixed very economically.

RAM mixers efficiently mix even the most viscous materials without generating significant heat.  They are gentle on shear sensitive materials because there are no impeller-induced high shear zones.  If you would like to test the benefits of a RAM mixer with your materials, give us a call us at 406-497-5333 for a free mixing trial.