Innovative Mixing Solutions

RAM Uses Sound to Boost Productivity and Profitability

Nano Suspensions

Rapidly develop Nanoparticle Suspensions

Cosmetic Mixing

Easily incorporate shear-sensitive materials for cosmetics.


Mix high viscosity pastes and gels for energetics.

Ceramic Mixing

Quickly disperse ceramic powders into viscous pastes.

Tablet Formulation

Uniformly blend pharmaceutical excipients and APIs.

Reactive Chemistry

Like a fluidized bed, materials are uniformly dispersed for faster reaction times.

Particle Coating

Easily coat particles with a uniform thickness.

RAM Commercial Mixers



  • ram-5-silhouetteQuickly achieve complete dispersion
  • Non-contact mixing regime
  • Mix¬†products directly in final packaging
  • No impellers – no clean-up and no contamination
  • Mix gases, liquids, powders and solids
  • Mix shear sensitive and high viscosity materials