Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

Resodyn PharmaRAM I and PharmaRAM II Acoustic Mixers

ORLANDO, FL - Resodyn Acoustic Mixers launched the PharmaRAM line of RensonantAcoustic® mixers at the 2014 APhA Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

At the event, Resodyn representatives demonstrated how PharmaRAM:

  •  Mixes rapidly and reliably, with high content uniformity
  •  Uses single use containers, eliminating cleanup and cross-contamination
  • Is extraordinarily easy to use

The video below was produced by one of the first compound pharmacies in the country to purchase a Resodyn Acoustic Mixer, and in it they describe their Resodyn Acoustic Mixer as “The Most Advanced Compound Mixing Technology in the World.”

CLICK HERE to learn more about PharmaRAM Mixers.

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