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BUTTE, MT - Resodyn Acoustic Mixers has announced the development of a transformational continuous chemical reactor technology. This technology, termed “Continuous Acoustic Reactor” (CAR), relies on a unique ResonantAcoustic® agitation platform that has the promise to outperform traditional continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) and other state-of-the-art continuous reactors with a more versatile reactor system.

The CAR device uses acoustic streaming to induce a uniform energy dissipation field throughout the reaction vessel for improved mass transport. Within the reactor the acoustic waves create chaotic motion at a micro-scale resulting in a mixing condition that is manifested as elongational flows or stretching flows. The gas-liquid regime that is developed is essentially a transient, highly-chaotic mixing process that maximizes a dynamic gas/liquid interface, while constantly breaking down and re-forming to maintain fresh gas and liquid at the interfaces. Moreover, the CAR technology has applications for multiphase systems, such as solid-liquid, liquid-liquid (immiscible liquids). In addition, features of the CAR technology can also beneficial for applications with highly exothermic reactions, especially for those when temperature control may help increase reaction selectivity.

In order to illustrate that the CAR produces an aggressive mixing condition, some preliminary tests were conducted. These non-optimized tests resulted kLa values of 0.5 sec-1, exceeding the kLa values of CSTR’s, which typically range from 0.01 to 0.05 sec-1.

The chemical process industry (CPI) is under significant pressure to improve conventional chemical processing technology. This movement is characterized by the development of Process Intensification (PI) equipment. The generally accepted metrics for success of PI systems are: 1) Reduced size and quantity of chemical plant equipment, 2) increased efficiency of chemical processes and chemical reactions, 3) reduced energy consumption, 4) reduced environmental impact, and 5) increased safety. The CAR is being developed as a core Process Intensification technology that will have great versatility across many applications throughout the CPI.

This new continuous chemical reactor technology was unveiled at the 2013 Resodyn Forum: Industrial Outcomes in ResonantAcoustic® Mixing at Resodyn headquarters in Butte, MT.

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