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BUTTE, MT - Resodyn Corporation announced that it has been awarded U.S. Patent 7,188,993 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent which issued March 13, 2007, is entitled “Apparatus and Method for Resonant-Vibratory Mixing” and addresses the equipment and process for intimate mixing of gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and solid-solid systems.

The technology uses low-frequency, high-intensity sound energy for mixing. The range of applications for this technology extends from heavy-duty agitation for preparation of highly viscous polymers to delicate and precise mixing required for the preparation of pharmaceuticals. The technology may be applied to the complex mixing requirements of cosmetics and even the processing of biological cultures in which living organisms must remain viable through the mixing process. The patent describes a novel mixer, driven by an electronically controllable motor or motors, which may be adapted to allow virtually unlimited control of the mixing process.

“The apparatus and methods described and claimed in this patent offer an entirely new technology for mixing,” explained Larry Farrar, President of Resodyn Corporation. “With the issuance of this patent the company is now aggressively marketing innovative mixers using resonant acoustic technology. Applications as diverse as metal-loaded pastes, nanomaterials and cosmetics are using this technology in ways that totally change the way products are mixed and processed. The cost savings and improved mixing will have a significant impact on the processing industry. This technology will enable the manufacture of new and advanced products.”

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