LabRAM Mixer Family

labram-familyThe original LabRAM ResonantAcoustic® Mixer (RAM) introduced in 2007 is now joined by the second generation, application-oriented, development mixer. The LabRAM™ II introduces new, significant operational and control features for mixing and processing a broad range of materials. Many difficult to mix materials can be processed faster, better, more efficiently, and more productively using the LabRAM™ II.

Designed around Dynamic Processing Requirements

The LabRAM™ II design features reflect users’ critical needs. RAM products deliver speed, quality, new product development capabilities, and groundbreaking process improvements, while scaling easily from laboratory to production scale.

The New LabRAM™ II Features

  • Up to 2.2 pounds mix capacity, double the capacity of previous LabRAM™ models.
  • Adjustable and optional large vessel holders accept many mixing vessel types.
  • Manual or automatic/programmable vacuum operation (optional).
  • Control and data collection of the vessel contents while mixing.

Comparison between LabRAM and LabRAM II Specifications

Description LabRAM™ LabRAM™ II
Maximum Payload Capacity 1.1 lbs. 2.2 lbs.
Sealed Enclosure No Yes
Sound Emitted <80 dB at 3’ <70 dB at 3’ i
Vessel Temperature Monitoring 2 thermocouples monitored external to LabRAM 3 RTD’s monitored and recorded (optional)
Automatic/Programmable Vacuum No Yes (optional)
Data Logging Noii Yes
Remote Operation Yesii Yes
Onboard Programmable Control and Recording No Yes
Weight 200 lbs.iii 260 lbs.
Dimensions (Resonator) 16″ W 23.5″ D 26.5″ Hiv 28″ W x 25″ D x 32″ H
Dimensions (separate Electrical/Electronic Control Cabinet) 7.5″ W, 23.5″ D, 16″ H Not Required – unit self-contained
Electrical @ 50/60 Hz, CE Certified 110-120 VAC 100-120 / 200-240 VAC
i < 70 dB at 3ft in front of resonator operating at 100 g with an empty vessel.
ii Yes with RAMware2
iii Includes Resonator and separate Control Cabinet Components
iv With Acoustic Enclosure and Housing

LabRAM II H is specially designed for hazardous and energetic materials with special features that allow the handling and processing of critical ingredients. For more information about LabRAM II H, please contact us. The new PharmaRAM II is included in the LabRAM product family and shares features and specifications with the LabRAM II.

Resodyn™ Acoustic Mixers, Inc., can build custom mixing vessels to accommodate your process from special sizes and shapes to jacketed vessels for heating and/or cooling.

Contact us at 406-497-5333 about a free Mixing Test or a LabRAM Trial for development work right in your own facility.