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Resodyn LabRAM I Acoustic Mixer

BUTTE, MT - Resodyn Acoustic Mixers announced the newest member of their LabRAM family of ResonantAcoustic® Mixers (RAM), at the company’s Eighth Annual Technical InterChange (TI-18) conference in Butte, Montana. The new LabRAM I features up to 100 g of acceleration at 60 Hz for fast, effective, and repeatable processing with a capacity of up to 1.1 lbs. (500 grams), designed for bench-scale development and testing. In addition to a power increase of up to 10X over the original LabRAM, the LabRAM I features new, robust on-board digital control of machine operations and optional features like vacuum mixing functions and temperature monitoring, all with a maximum noise level of 70 db.

The LabRAM I will be available for sale Q1 2019 and will begin shipping to customers later in the year. Full features and specifications of the LabRAM I can be found here.

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