ResonantAcoustic® Mixing at a 55 Gallon Capacity

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers’ largest batch scale production mixer, the RAM 55, brings the awesome power of ResonantAcoustics® to 55 gallon drum scale, drastically increasing productivity and expanding capabilities. RAM 55 is built on the same flexible and universal processing platform as every other RAM device from 300 grams to 420 kilograms. Options like vacuum, temperature control, and vessel specialization match the right processing functions and exceed the required performance beyond traditional technologies.


Key Processing capabilities

  • Mixing and processing up to 924 pounds (420 kilograms) of any combination of
    • Solids/Powders – from nano-scale, up
    • Liquids/Gases
    • Viscous/Slurry materials
  • Coating, Milling, Grinding Processes
  • On-board control of processing accessories
    • Automatic vacuum system
    • Jacketed vessel temperature control
  • Develop, store, and secure up to 100 recipes
  • Monitor mixing parameters in real-time
  • Download processing data for analysis
  • Adaptable to Resodyn Continuous Acoustic Mixing technology
    • Feeder Systems
    • Continuous processing chamber stack
    • Order of magnitude higher processing capacity

RAM 55 Features

  • Up to 924 lb (420 kg) of mix capacity in 55 gallon mixing vessels
  • Application specific mixing vessels with many options
  • Intense, but gentle acoustic mixing for rapid, highly repeatable, ultra-high quality results
  • Digital control, programming, recording of all critical and measured functions
  • Jacketed Mixing Vessel provides optional temperature control from 302°F (150°C) heating to 0°F (18°C) cooling
  • Vacuum equipped Mixing Vessel option capable of applying up to 29 inHg or 10 Torr
  • Integral gantry system for dedicated material handling of vessels and accessories (optional)
  • Individually specified system configurations for fast implementation and high-performance results


Model RAM 55
Technology ResonantAcoustic® Mixing
Intended Use Industrial Batch Mixing
Unit Dimensions 120″ H x 180″ W x 126″ D (cm: 304.8 x 457.2 x 320)
Unit Weight Configuration Specific
Country of Origin USA
Operating Specifications
Maximum Payload Capacity 924 lbs (420 kg)
Compatible Materials Solids, Liquids, Slurries, High Viscosity Pastes
Max Vessel Acceleration 100g at 60 Hz
Sealed Acoustic Chamber Yes
Included Vessel Holder Assembly Custom Per Application
Included Vessels Custom Per Application
Control Specifications
Human Machine Interface Full Color Touch Screen
Operating System Proprietary On-Board
Programable Mix Recipe Storage Yes
Data Logging Yes
Remote Operation Yes, via RAMware3
Power Specifications
Required Voltage at 60 Hz 480 VAC, 3 Phase


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