Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

We're demonstrating here - the next best thing to demonstrating there.

Right now, we can't provide live demonstrations at your location, so we're bringing our live demonstration to you.

The Resodyn studio features a LabRAM I benchtop mixer for our experts to introduce RAM technology delivering breakthrough results in dozens of industries.

We'll work with your materials - live - testing your toughest processing and mixing applications while you participate in real-time video with as many locations and team members you have.

We're available for extended hours, so follow this link and we'll be touch to establish the details.

Get a RAM on-line processing demonstration that's convenient to your schedule, with your materials or ours at no cost to you.

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One of our Resodyn laboratories has been converted to an on-line demonstration studio,  Custom demonstrations for dispersed team members are available now.

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