Overcome Material Challenges with Manual Vacuum Control

Resodyn Manual Vacuum Systems are designed to reduce or eliminate air or gas entrainment to overcome processing challenges in materials from powders to highly viscous pastes. Manual Vacuum System integration is simple. Line connections require no special tools, and the specially designed vacuum cap is supplied with and designed to work integrally with compatible RAM mixers. The manual system is ideal for process development where vacuum parameters may be highly variable. Alternatively, the Automatic Vacuum System allows recipe based vacuum control.

Key Processing Capabilities

  • Fully operational before, during, or after RAM operation
  • Virtually eliminates inherent material gases or any gases entrained during processing
  • Manual control allows variable mixing and vacuum parameters as needed during development
  • Oil free vacuum pump results in clean operations and very low maintenance

Vacuum System Features

  • Consistent, repeatable vacuum settings
  • Easy installation and operation
  • In-line vacuum filter keeps pump clean to reduce maintenance
  • Manual vacuum control facilitates material mixing and recipe development

Compatible RAM Mixers


Model Manual Vacuum System
Unit Dimensions 14″ W x 19″ D x 12″ H (cm: 36 x 49 x 31)
Unit Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Country of Origin USA
Certifications CE Certified, UL Certification Available
Compatible RAM Mixers LabRAM I, LabRAM II, PharmaRAM I, PharmaRAM II
Operating Specifications
Vacuum up to 29 in Hg (736 mm Hg) at sea level
Control Specifications
Human Machine Interface Manual Controls
Controlled via RAM Recipe? No
Manual control option? Yes
Power Specifications
Required Voltage at 50/60 Hz 110-120 / 200-240 VAC
Power Consumption 3A at 110VAC, 2A at 240VAC
Power Cord Region-Specific Cord Included

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