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ResonantAcoustic® Mixers (RAM) are fast becoming the processing technology of choice for companies around the globe. Since we can’t travel to you for an in-person demonstration, we’re happy to provide an on-line demonstration customized to you and your materials.

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RAM product family NEW LR1- expanded

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers deliver versatile, reliable, and repeatable performance in R&D, formulation, and production applications from bench-scale through continuous.

RAM production batch payload capacities are available from 1.1 lb (500 grams) up to 920 lbs (417 kg) as well as continuous systems. Vacuum, temperature control, and spray coating and engineered options are available.

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RAM Mixing is dramatically different from conventional industrial mixing methods, delivering profound improvements in speed and quality and often making otherwise "impossible" mixes highly credible. On-line web-demonstrations feature:

  • Your Application - Customized for you and focused on testing your materials.

  • Your Materials - Watch how RAM improves your process and product quality.

  • Your Schedule - Have your entire team join the live call, wherever their location.

  • Our Expertise - Web-demonstrations are presented by Resodyn mixing experts.

  • Our Confidence - Your confidentiality is always protected by policy and practice. 

  • Our Compliments - RAM demonstrations are performed free of charge.

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