Resodyn™ Acoustic Mixers, Inc., Mixing Applications Service Center for Toll Processing and Mixing Trials

building-1Our Mixing Applications Service Center in Butte, Montana, is dedicated to mixing demonstrations, sample evaluations and toll processing. Our staff of engineers and technicians is ready to assist you in determining your mixing requirements, scaling up your process and even manufacturing your product. Our Mixing Applications Service Center is equipped not only with our bench top and production scale mixers, but is also supported with complete chemistry and polymer characterization laboratories.

Mixing Tests

We welcome and encourage you to visit our Mixing Applications Service Center. Our facilities are equipped with every RAM products from laboratory scale 300 gram to large scale 417 kg machines. Many customers develop and optimize mixing for their materials, as well as process development, and scale-up. Contact us at 406-497-5333 or to arrange for an on-site visit.

RAM Mixer Trial

Our Mixer Trial Program provides product and process engineers an effective way to develop and optimize their ResonantAcoustic® mixing process before committing to a large purchase. Bench scale LabRAM mixers are available on a monthly basis and trial fees can be credited against the purchase price of a RAM mixer. Contact us at 406-497-5333 to discuss LabRAM Trial options.

Toll Processing

Resodyn™ Acoustic Mixers, Inc., offers toll processing services with the capability to produce, package, inventory and ship products on a toll basis. This is an excellent option for products in the Launch Phase that can’t yet justify the capital expense of full scale manufacturing. Batch sizes from 1-pint to 30-gallons can be manufactured in a wide range of viscosities and in liquid, powder or solid forms. Contact us to discuss your toll processing needs.