Propellants and Energetics

Safely Mix Energetic Pastes, Gels, and other Explosive Materials

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With disposable containers and no impellers in the mixing chamber, RAM mixers can safely mix highly viscous (greater than 1 million cP) Energetics with minimal clean-up. The ResonantAcoustic® Mixing technology uses low frequency, high intensity energy to rapidly disperse powders into the binder. The result is a uniform propellant mix achieved in minimal time. The added benefit is that disposable containers, or even a propellant casing, can be used as the mixing chamber.

Key Benefits of RAM Mixers for Energetics

  • Speed of mixing
  • Easy Clean-Up – no impellers and disposable mixing containers
  • Ability to mix in propellant casings
  • Increased safety

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Case Study: Energetics

Rocket Propellant Formulation Lab Increases Capacity and Improves Process Safety

An Engineering department responsible for qualifying new formulations of solid rocket propellants had a requirement for blending active components into a very thick, highly viscous (viscosity > 20 kPoise) paste. The LabRAM reduced the total processing time by 85% allowing the qualification of several batches per day.

Additionally, the ResonantAcoustic® technology removed some of the hazards associated with producing rocket propellants. First, a number of process steps involving the handling of “unstable” materials were eliminated. Secondly, with traditional planetary mixers it is imperative that clearances are adequate, in order that the explosive compound not be “pinched”; a danger completely avoided with ResonantAcoustic® Mixing which has no impellers in the mixing chamber.

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