Quickly disperse ceramic powders into viscous pastes.

RAM Mixers make an easy job of Ceramic Mixing

Ceramic compounds are used in applications ranging from fire protection to dental implants. However, some of the material characteristics can pose a challenge for formulation chemists and production facilities. RAM mixers are well suited to efficiently disperse ceramic materials into compounds without the need to form a slurry.

Key Benefits of RAM Mixers for Ceramic Mixing

  • Speed of Mix
  • Consistent and Uniform Dispersions
  • Elimination of Contamination Sources

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Case Study: Ceramics Mixing

Ceramics Manufacturer Reduces Mix Time and Eliminates Two Process Steps

A manufacturer of high-grade industrial ceramic components needed to disperse a powdered sintering aid into the ceramic compound. Because of poor dispersion, the previous process involved forming the sintering aid into a slurry using hazardous solvents; mixing the slurry with the ceramic compound for over an hour; drying, (to remove the solvent), and then milling the compound back to powder form. ResonantAcoustic® Mixing was able to completely disperse the sintering aid, in powder form, in around ten minutes – a 98% decrease in mix time!

Not only was the mixing time shorter, but the drying and milling processes were eliminated. By removing the need for the solvent slurry, material waste was reduced and the environmental issues associated with handling and disposing of hazardous solvents were eliminated.

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