The Power of RAM at Production Scale

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers’ production scale mixer, the RAM 5 Pharma, brings the awesome power of ResonantAcoustics® to larger scale to drastically increase productivity and expand capabilities. RAM 5 is built on flexible and universal processing capabilities. Optional processing accessories including vacuum systems and temperature-controlled vessels. RAM 5 Pharma delivers exceptional RSD results, improved efficiency with rapid mixing and dispersion times, and new product opportunities at a larger payload capacity for RAM batch and continuous systems. Each RAM 5 Pharma configuration matches the right processing functions with critical processing demands and exceeds the required performance beyond traditional technologies.

Key Processing capabilities

  • Mixing and processing up to 80 pounds (36 kilograms) of any combination of
    • Solids/Powders – from nano-scale, up
    • Liquids/Gases
    • Viscous/Slurry materials
  • Coating, Milling, Grinding Processes
  • On-board control of processing accessories
    • Automatic vacuum system
    • Jacketed vessel temperature control
  • Vacuum enabled chuck accepts 5 gallon, industrial mixing bucket vessel
  • Develop, store, and secure up to 100 recipes
  • Monitor mixing parameters in real-time
  • Download processing data for analysis
  • Adaptable to Resodyn Continuous Acoustic Mixing technology
    • Feeder Systems
    • Continuous processing chamber stack
    • Order of magnitude higher processing capacity

RAM 5 Pharma Features

  • Up to 80 lbs. (36 kg) of mix capacity in extendable 5 gallon mixing vessels
  • Application specific mixing vessels with many options
  • Intense, but gentle acoustic mixing for rapid, highly repeatable, ultra-high quality results
  • Digital control, programming, recording of all critical and measured functions
  • Jacketed Mixing Vessel provides optional temperature control from 302°F (150C) heating to 0°F (18C) cooling
  • Vacuum equipped Mixing Vessel option capable of applying up to 29 inHg or 10 Torr
  • Integral hoist system for dedicated material handling of vessels and accessories (optional)
  • Individually specified system configurations for fast implementation and high-performance results


Model RAM 5 Pharma
Technology ResonantAcoustic® Mixing
Intended Use Industrial Pilot and Production-scale Batch Mixing
Unit Dimensions 72″ H x 80″ W x 60″ D (cm: 183.8 x 203.2 x 154.2)
Unit Weight 8,000 lbs (3628.7 kg)
Country of Origin USA
Certifications CE Certified, UL Certification Available
Operating Specifications
Maximum Payload Capacity 80 lbs/5 gallons (36 kg/21 L)
Compatible Materials Solids, Liquids, Pastes, High Viscosity
Max Vessel Acceleration 100g at 60 Hz
Sealed Acoustic Chamber Yes
Included Vessel Holder Assembly Application-specific
Included Vessels Application-specific
Control Specifications
Human Machine Interface Full Color Touch Screen
Operating System Proprietary On-Board
Programmable Mix Recipe Storage Yes
Data Logging Yes
Remote Operation Yes, via RAMware3
Power Specifications
Required Voltage at 50/60 Hz 460 VAC, 3 Phase

Processing Accessories

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