ResonantAcoustic® Mixing Lab to Production Scale

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers, Inc. has developed a novel mixer product line that uses low-frequency, high-intensity acoustic energy for mixing. The mixer technology, trademarked as ResonantAcoustic® Mixing (RAM), is effective over a broad range of mixing applications that include liquid-gas, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid and powder-powder systems.

Numerous experiments, with various compounds, have compared the bench top LabRAM to the Industrial Scale Demonstration-Mixer. These experiments demonstrate the ease with which mixing can be scaled using RAM technology. Mixing times and product quality are the same at laboratory and production scale. Data in this bulletin was generated using surrogates which replicate typical materials used in highly loaded polymer systems. The filler loading in this experiment was 80% by weight. Mixing was accomplished in one minute in both mixers.

Direct scalability from the laboratory to production results in significantly reduced process development costs and decreases time to market.

LabRAM mixers are available for immediate delivery. The Industrial Scale Demonstration Mixer may be scheduled for mixing trials of 0.5 to 30 gallons.