ResonantAcoustic® Mixing Blending in multiple vessels


Resodyn Acoustic Mixers has developed a novel mixer product line that uses low-frequency, highintensity sound energy for mixing. The mixer technology, trademarked as ResonantAcoustic® Mixing (RAM), is applicable for application with a broad range of mixing regimes that include liquid-gas, liquidliquid, liquid-solid and powder-powder systems. Since RAM technology mixes with acoustic energy, there are no impellers, probes, or internal components. The RAM technology provides considerable flexibility in choice of mixing vessels. Multiple vessels may be mixed at one time.

Mixing in Many Containers

RAM technology is able to mix in many commercially available containers as well as custom vessels. Mixing in the end container allows for quick batch cycle and no clean up of the mixing equipment.

Multiple containers may also be mixed simultaneously. This allows the same mixing input into all samples.

Various vessel shapes and sizes may be used on the same mixer. Mix in disposable or reusable containers.

With no need to transfer material from the mixer to vessels, loss of material due to transfer is non existent. Mixing in the use container also prevents any issues such as segregation due to transfer of materials.

A single mixer may be used for many applications. No need for dedicated mixers for simple formulation changes such as color.

ResonantAcoustic® Mixer Benefits

  • Easy cleaning
  • Blends powders
  • Fast mixing times
  • Blends viscous materials
  • Mix multiple vessels at once
  • Can mix in the shipping container