Mixing Fumed Silica and Sand


Resodyn Acoustic Mixers’ second generation technology, LabRAM II, provides up to I kg payload capacity and  advanced control features. Virtually any combination of liquids, powders, pastes, and gases can be processed faster, better, more efficiently, and more productively using the LabRAM II bench-top mixing systems and accessories.

Blending Dissimilar Powders with RAM

Dry ingredients can be difficult to thoroughly and consistently mix, particularly when the particles are of different sizes and characteristics.

To illustrate the proper mixing of such ingredients, fumed silica was blended with sand. The image on the left shows the starting materials while the image on the right shows the results after mixing.

The starting materials were 100 grams of blue sand and 10 grams of fumed silica blended using the LabRAMTM II mixer.

After only ten seconds of mixing the low bulk density 0.25 micron particle size fumed silica was completely blended with the 250 micron particle size sand.

No dust was generated during mixing due to the sealed mixing vessel. Post mixing samples exhibited no airborne fumed silica, demonstrating uniform blending at the multiple order of magnitude particle scale.


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ResonantAcoustic® Mixer Value Proposition

  • Mix 10-100 times faster than traditional mixers
  • Improve product quality to new levels
  • Reduce or eliminate clean-up costs
  • Eliminate cross-contamination
  • Scale easily from development to production
  • Scale up without increased processing time