RAMWare2 provides a software interface for controlling a LabRAM.  It is a complete redesign of first generation RAMWare.  The biggest change, besides appearance, is the addition of Acceleration Tracking.

Acceleration Tracking closes the control loop on the RAM operations.  Instead of setting Power (see NOTE above), the user sets an acceleration setpoint.  Note that this is the method utilized on Resodyn Acoustic Mixers’ larger lineup of RAMs.

System Requirements

The following is a summary of minimum requirements for the Windows PC on which you intend to install RAMWare2:

  1. Operating Systems:  Windows XP Service Pack 2 or greater, or Windows 7
  2. Windows XP Users:  A program titled .NET Framework Version 3.5 is packaged with the RAMWare2 installer and may need to be installed on the XP machine prior to installing RAMWare2. (Refer to Appendix A for assistance)
  3. Processor: 1.0 GHz minimum
  4. Memory: 512MB RAM minimum
  5. Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 minimum

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