OmniRAM Mixer

Resodyn Acoustic Mixer’s new pilot scale and production level mixer, the OmniRAM introduces significant, new operational and control features for mixing and processing a broad range of materials up to 11 lbs (5 kg). Many difficult to mix materials can be processed faster, better, more efficiently, more productively using the OmniRAM power, versatility, and expanded capacity features.

The OmniRAM design features reflects users’ critical needs. RAM products deliver speed, quality, new product development capabilities, and groundbreaking process improvements, while scaling easily from laboratory to production scale. The OmniRAM provides pilot or production level capability in a compact footprint with future continuous processing and expansion capability.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 11 lbs. (5 kg) of expanded mixing capacity allows for flexibility in future processing and capacity needs
  • Programmable, on-board recipe development and storage
  • Universal vessel holder provides flexible use of vessels and accessories
  • Adjustable vessel holder accepts many mixing vessel types
  • Vacuum and heating/cooling capability
  • Multiple level, digital security and access control
  • Monitoring and data collection of the vessel contents while mixing
  • Acoustic housing features strobe lighting for observation of RAM mixing phases and progression
  • Separate manual or OmniRAMTM controlled/programmable automatic vacuum systems (optional)
  • Jacked Vessel for mixing vessel temperature control from 302o F (150o C) to 34o F / (1.1o C) (optional)
  • Temperature sensor for on-board monitoring of internal mixing vessel temperature (optional)
  • Can be configured for optional certification in Class l Div l and Div ll, Groups C-G environments

Comparison between LabRAMTM ll and OmniRAMTM Specifications










For a downloadable OmniRAMTM product sheet, click here.