Resodyn™ Acoustic Mixer Custom Accessories

Resodyn™ Acoustic Mixers, Inc., wants you to get the most out of your RAM mixer. Our Engineering Team will work with you to design and build mixing vessels and other accessories needed for your research and production needs. Contact us to discuss your specific processing requirements.

resodyn_ram_mixer_accessories-custom_mixing_vessel_containerCustom Mixing Vessels

Mixing vessels for the LabRAM and RAM5 are available in multiple configurations and volumes and can be built to accommodate vacuum processing. Jacketed vessels for cooling or heating (1.1 to 150° C) are also available.

Disposable Mixing Jars

resodyn_ram_mixer_accessories-disposable_mixing_jar_container_vesselIf you are concerned about contamination or lengthy cleanup, choose disposable mixing jars made of glass or plastic for use with the LabRAM or LabRAM Vacuum mixers. Sizes range from 4 to 16 oz (118 to 470 ml) in volume [2.5″ to 4″ high and 2.75″ to 3.5″ diameter].

Mixing Vessel Fixture and Container Adapters

resodyn_ram_mixer_accessories-mixing_vessel_fixture_with_jar-adaptersThe LabRAM mixer easily adapts to a variety of container sizes. The Mixing Container holding fixture accommodates vessel sizes from 4 to 16 oz (470 ml) with use of an appropriate spacer (included).

Mixing Vessel Fixture for Multiple Containers

multiple-vial-holder-2-cropped1-115x115-customTo get the most in efficiency from your LabRAM mixer, this simple to use fixture allows you to mix up to six samples at the same time.  The fixture accommodates 4 oz glass vessels.

Mixing Jar Vacuum Lid

resodyn_ram_mixer_accessories-mixing_jar_vacuum_lidWhen your mixing process requires vacuum, make your mixing containers vacuum ready with this special lid.  The lid can be used with disposable jars and is necessary for the vacuum option on the LabRAM.