Pfizer Studies Dry Powder Coatings with Resodyn LabRAM

Pharmaceutical Technology recently published a study by key Pfizer scientists that evaluated the Resodyn LabRAM resonant acoustic mixer as a potential tool for dry powder coating.   The study concluded that the LabRAM was effective at applying dry powder coatings with higher bulk density and superior powder flow.

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istock_000002544887medium-orange-and-blue-pills1RAM Mixers are Versatile, Contamination Free Pharmaceutical Mixers

Need to mix small quantities of expensive active ingredients? Prevent contamination? Mix more than one compound at a time? No problem with the RAM mixer. You can sieve and blend powders, mix liquids and high viscosity pastes, and even agglomerate all in the same equipment. With disposable mixing containers and no impellers, the possibility for contamination is virtually eliminated and clean-up is a snap.

Processes developed in a RAM mixer are easily scaled from the lab to manufacturing.  This greatly simplifies the commercialization of new pharmaceutical formulations.

Key Benefits of RAM Mixers for Pharmaceutical Mixing

  • No Contamination – no impellers and disposable mixing containers
  • Uniformity and consistency of mix
  • Speed of Mixing
  • Ease of Clean-Up
  • Versatility – blend powders, agglomerate, mix liquids and more

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