istock_000004567135small-cosmetic-swooshCosmetic Formulation Freedom with RAM Mixers

RAM mixers make quick work of mixing and blending cosmetic formulations. With no impellers in the mixing chamber and the option to use disposable mixing containers, your process is free from lengthy clean-up and the possibility of contamination. The RAM mixer’s low-shear environment enables even greater formulation flexibility, making this technology a must have for your Research and Development Laboratory.

Key Benefits of RAM Mixers for Cosmetic Mixing

  • Low Shear Mixing
  • Speed of Mixing
  • Easy Clean-Up – no impellers and disposable mixing containers

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Case Study: Cosmetics

Cosmetics Company Innovates with Shear Sensitive Ingredients

Many promising ingredients in today’s Cosmetics Industry are inherently fragile in structure. The localized high-shear forces created by traditional impeller mixers can irreparably damage these active ingredients. ResonantAcoustic® Mixing, however, uses acoustic energy rather than impellers or mixing blades to create a uniform shear field throughout the mixing vessel.

Using a RAM mixer, a newly formulated cosmetic compound was successfully mixed without damaging the critical, shear sensitive ingredient. ResonantAcoustic® Mixing provided a means to manufacture a new product that could not be made any other way.